Welcome to Creation Society Nepal

Creation Society Nepal is a Non-government organization in Kavre District in Nepal. It is an emerging organization and without strong financial structure, but having fully energetic human resources. Child club graduates are members of organization from different child clubs in different districts. CSN has a well-structured network throughout the country.
Creation Society Nepal with the partnership UNICEF and in co-ordination with NTA (Nepal Telecom) and local governance bodies launched a program for online safety among children in Nepal throughout different regions. In spite of the fact that there is road access or not, but there is the access of internet and where there is the presence of internet, children are at risk from its dark sides. Child safety is the major concern among different groups.
Children must be wise in using internet and social media and at the same time, children must be informed and they must be safe from dark sides of internet world. Every child deserves the right information for better future. Therefore CSN with the network of child club graduates and facilitators in different provinces launched campaign to increase awareness program among children throughout the country smoothly. CSN made a belief to UNICEF, NTA and local governance bodies that our frontline facilitators, board members and office staffs jointly advocate for online safety among children in every region of Nepal.

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